Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obsession of the Week: Large Crowds

This week, I am absolutely loving LARGE CROWDS.

And how could I not be? I just spent the entire morning and afternoon near St. Peter's Square and the Vatican in Rome for the Beatification of the late Pope John Paul II.

Not only was it a beautiful day for such an incredible ceremony, but over 1 million people came to celebrate together--to sing, to dance, to be united together as one. It's hard to deny the spirit of John Paul II when immersed in the midst of 1 million believers clapping their hands and whistling and crying and hugging each other. And while there is controversy over the sped-up Beatification process of the late Pope, there is no doubt in my mind that it was a well deserved honor after witnessing all of the people and the celebrations of the day.

It was an incredibly moving morning and afternoon, even as a non-religious person. Rome has not seen this many visitors at one time since John Paul II's death in April of 2004. It's clear that he was influential and greatly loved by millions of Catholics the world over. And they proved their love today by showing up to Rome in the hundreds of thousands for his Beatification ceremony.

So, this is why I am obsessed with large crowds this week. After an experience like that, how could I not be?!

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