Friday, April 29, 2011

Be Amazing!

A friend posted this video on her Facebook wall earlier today.

Watch it. It will blow your mind.

This isn't going to be one of my longer posts. Instead, it's going to be short and sweet.
To put it simply, this girl teaches us one very important thing: be amazing. Maybe you can't spider-man climb a wall and catch a baseball hit by Brent Johnson, but I know that you can do something amazing. And you need to do it--whatever it is. If you can sing, then sing loud and clear. If you can run marathons, then run with all of your might. If you can rock climb, then climb on. If you can grill a mean rack of barbeque pork ribs, then grill away, baby!

But whatever it is that you can do, always be sure to remember the second very important thing that this girl teaches us: be humble. You know what you can do is amazing. Others definitely know what you can do is amazing. So instead of bragging about it, just own it, live it, do it.

Go and be amazing.


  1. This post was really inspiring to read! Thanks for posting it Hayley! *Be Amazing!* <- I love that!

    XO Shar!

  2. Wonderful and inspiring ~ thanks ~ great reminder mantra ^_^ 'Be Amazing' !

  3. I'm glad you both enjoyed this post! And I hope that you will both BE AMAZING in everything you do!


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