Thursday, May 12, 2011

100 Steps Toward Happiness: Part 3

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Welcome to the third addition to 100 Steps Toward Happiness!

21.) Read some feel-good quotes. It's hard to feel down whenever you're reading inspiring, uplifting, motivating and moving quotes from people who have made it in life. Just remember, they made it with the help of others. You can get there someday, too. In the meantime, read what they have to say. Happy quotes always bring me happiness.

22.) Feed the ducks. Go to your local park, bring a loaf of bread (yes... an entire loaf), sit on a bench by the water and feed the ducks. They'll quack their contentment and you can smile in return.

23.) Reconnect with an old friend. Maybe you had a falling out, but you can't remember why. Maybe you slowly drifted apart over time. Maybe you moved away, or they moved away, and life continued without them. Whatever the reason, reconnect with an old friend. See what they've been up to. Ask them about their life. Find new things in common. With technology and social networking, it's so easy to reconnect these days. What a fun way to re-meet an old pal!

24.) Go to a midnight movie showing. Maybe you want to see something new coming out, or maybe you want to go see a traditional cult classic. Either way, check out midnight movie showings in your area. Gather a bunch of friends, grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

25.) Draw with sidewalk chalk. It's a simple joy from childhood, but can bring plenty of happiness!

26.) Play dress up with friends. I remember a few years back having a dress-up party with a group of about 8 friends. We all dressed up as what we wanted to be when we grew up. It was silly, fun and most of all, full of happiness and smiles.

27.) Dance. It doesn't matter where, how or when--just dance. It's a sure way to make yourself feel good. So blast some tunes and get down and funky.

28.) Sing (and finish) 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. I dare you. It's long, it's silly, it's ridiculous... but do it and with friends! Once you finish, I bet you won't be able to stop laughing with your friends.

29.) Make a gift for someone. Nothing says, "I love you," like a home made gift. Instead of buying a gift, giving a gift-card or spending money that you don't really have to take a friend out for their birthday or some other holiday, why not spend a little time to make them a gift instead? Make a scrapbook, a photo album, or a mix CD. They'll probably like the gift a whole lot more, and it'll remind them of all the happy times you guys have had together!

30.) Stop and smell the roses. But seriously. Stop. Smell the flowers when you pass by some. I did this the other day, and although my friends laughed at me like I was crazy, it smelled amazing and brought me a short moment of joy.

Share some of your keys to happiness in the comments and you might see your suggestion posted next week!


  1. haha, 99 bottles of beer on the wall... almost forgot about that!

    Again! I love this whole list!

  2. Thanks Jamie! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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