Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking Back at My Semester Abroad

It's hard to believe that my semester in Rome is finished.
The semester flew by, and it was probably the best semester of my life.

During my time in Europe I was able to do a lot of traveling.
I made it to 11 cities in Italy, 9 countries in both Western and Easter Europe, and 22 cities across the continent in total.

Talk about the travel bug.

But even before coming to Italy I had already done my fair share of travel. At this point, I've been to 17 countries. I (more than) doubled my country count this semester (by one country!), which was impressive, by my standards at least. I certainly wasn't expecting to make it to that many places, but I am really glad I did.

I met some amazing people and did some amazing things.

My flight got canceled because of a freak blizzard the night I was supposed to leave and made friends with a guy from Michigan who would end up being one of my closest friends abroad. I saw the Colosseum for the first time the very first night I was in Rome. I got lost more times than I can count the first two weeks of the semester. I spent Valentines day with my girls and Bob Marley. I had the best week-long date in Rome with my amazing boyfriend who visited for his spring break and my birthday. I had a blast on my birthday, too. I discovered the Appian Way, the Cappucin Crypt and dozens of churches throughout the city. I got lost amongst the canals of Venice. I hung out with two of my housemates from the States when they visited. We traveled four cities of Tuscany and discovered the leather market of Florence. I took midterms and did better than expected. I hit four countries and 5 cities in 10 days over my spring break. I traveled to Budapest by myself, explored caves with a Finnish guy, took a tour of Communism with a German couple, and went to a Salsa club with Croatian students. I swam in the Adriatic off the coast of Capri, enjoyed the artisan market of Sorrento, and explored the ruins of Pompeii. I went clubbing in Testaccio. I visited the gardens of Tivoli. I played cards outside of a train station and sang Sara Barielles with friends. I basked in the sun in Croatia, took an tour of the Island of Brac, ate a seafood dinner in Trogir, and lost my toe nail in Split. I had a formal at my apartment for all my friends in Rome. I went to the AS Roma vs. AC Milan soccer match. I took finals (and passed!) and I finally flew home.

What are some of your best memories from traveling to different places?


  1. First, I must say that I absolutely adored Rome. It is by far, one of the neatest cities I've ever been to. Of course, I'm not nearly as traveled as you are but I hope to be one day :)

    I'd say one of my best travel memories was on the train from Venice to Rome. Looking out to see the countryside and all its glory...I couldn't help but think how much my mom would love seeing all of it. Her dream is to go to Italy and I hope to take her one day.

  2. Bravo ~ now how can you Top that life experience ~ so glad for you ~ ^_^ Maybe we should do an interview sometime (email questions to you) on my blog about this experience ~ hugs ^_^

  3. I apologize ladies for not being around recently! It's been a busy two weeks. I moved home and then had jury duty... on top of searching for a job!

    Anyway, Nicole, thanks for sharing! The trip from Rome to Venice certainly is a breathtaking one. And what a beautiful dream to take your mom to see it all someday! I'd also like to do the same :-)

    Carol, I would love to do an interview. I'll get in touch soon! Thanks for being so patient.


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