Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Put Things in Perspective

When was the last time that something bad happened to you?

If you're like me, your answer might vary from, "Yesterday," to, "Last week." But it was sometime in the recent past.

Usually though, when we think of bad things that happen to us, they really aren't extravagantly devastating. Yet, we still tend to exaggerate and make the "bad things" into bigger deals than they actually are. But let's face it: the fact that I missed my bus, my zucchini went bad, or I lost an earring really isn't such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Even the somewhat bigger problems, such as not doing well on an exam, getting into an argument with a friend, or having someone tell you that it's obvious you've put on "some weight" still aren't devastating problems.

All of these things happen, and instead of getting stressed out, worried, upset or angry it's better to take a few deep breaths, clear your head, and begin to put things into perspective. It's like the age old saying, let it roll off your back like water off a duck. Because a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, or ten years from now it won't matter. You missed the bus? Thank goodness another one will be along in a few minutes. You failed an exam? Know that you're still an intelligent person, that everyone has "those tests," and that you'll do better and study harder for the next one. You put on some weight and someone noticed? If you feel good about yourself, shrug it off. If you feel like, yes, you did put on some weight and you could afford to lose a few pounds, then do it and start eating healthy and running in the mornings.

We all have problems. Bad things will happen. But it's a matter of choice if we let them severely affect our happiness and the rest of our day (or week, or month, etc).

So next time something "bad" happens, decide how bad it really is, and put it into perspective. Because you, more than likely, still have many things to be thankful for, such as family, a home, vacations, food to eat, clothes to wear, an education, a job or a bed to sleep in at night. So focus on the good things instead, because the bad things are temporary--it's the good things that you'll have to wake up to tomorrow.

When was a time when you had a lot of "bad things" happen to you and you let it affect your mood and your day? When was a time you decided to put it into perspective and focus on the good things instead? How do you deal with the "bad things" when they happen?

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