Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take the Plunge

I've done my fair share of plunging into water these past couple weeks.

I've dipped into 38 degree C bath in the Szechenyi thermal bath house in Budapest, Hungary (hot, hot, HOT!)
I've jumped off the side of a small motor boat into the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Capri, Italy.
I've dived into the Adriatic Sea off a yacht in Brac, Croatia.
I've been drenched by freezing cold torrential rain in Prague, Czech Republic (okay, maybe not my own doing, but certainly still water...).
I've leapt into the Cetina River from a 3 story high cliff outside of Omis, Croatia (twice!).

And currently, the heavens just opened up and released its bath water upon the city of Rome. Thankfully, this time, I'm safe inside of my lovely little apartment listening to the pounding rain instead of standing in the midst of it.

Throughout all of my diving, dipping and plunging I've found that sometimes the water is hot and sometimes the water is cold and sometimes the water is just right (granted, I might have stolen this from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but "bear" with me). Regardless the temperature of the water, I wanted to jump into it anyway.

It's about the experience, and this is what I often write about--the experience.

What if I had not jumping to the numbing Adriatic Sea and had stayed on the boat instead? Well, I wouldn't be able to say that I swam in the Adriatic even though I'd been to Capri. If I hadn't gone to a bathhouse in Budapest, I would have been missing a crucial part of the culture of the city. And if I'd not ignored my fear of jumping off a three story rock in Croatia? I wouldn't have had the adrenaline rush I got from the thrill of leaping into the crystal clear Cetina River of Croatia.

It might seem like such a small and insignificant thing in the grand scheme of traveling the world--but next time, take the plunge and jump into a body of water. It's invigorating, refreshing, and sometimes the best memory you have from a place!

When have you taken the plunge? Were you nervous to jump into water you knew was really cold or too hot? Were you unsure about cliff jumping or leaping off a boat? Did you ignore those feelings and dive in anyway?


  1. Sadly, I have yet to take a plunge of any kind except for pools! Well last summer at the beach there was like a hole (underwater) that I didn't see and I mistakenly I plunged into it! So the water that was knee deep became neck deep! Yikes! =\ You have a really exciting adventurous life Hayley! :)

    XO Shar!

  2. Go for a dip next time your at the beach, Shar! It's refreshing :-)


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