Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obsession of the Week: Hamburgers

This week, I can't help but be obsessed with the HAMBURGER.

Having been away from home for three months in a country that believes in pasta, pastries, paninis and pizza it's hard NOT to be obsessed with a familiar food from home, such as the trusted hamburger.

So what did I do? I went to the local food market prepared with the translated word for hamburger in Italian--which, what do you know, happens to be hamburger. If only I had known this earlier!

I bought three patties, freshly ground before my very eyes from my favorite butcher, Emilio.
He handed them to me over the counter, and I walked away with probably the biggest smile on a person's face that he's ever seen. With a wave and a "Ciao!" I wandered home excited to eat the first of the three hamburgers that night for dinner.

Emilio did not let me down.
The hamburger was delicious, and I have since then devoured the other two, only to go back and buy two more from him.

I may be all hamburgered out for a little while after I finish these next two patties, but it will be well worth it. It's not that I don't appreciate all of the carbs, carbs, carbs--but sometimes, it's just nice to eat a hamburger!

(Thanks to Suat Eman/ for the photo.)

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