Thursday, June 9, 2011

100 Steps Toward Happiness: Part 6

Welcome to another edition of 100 Steps!

This week, we're featuring all sorts of fun things from the summer time, like picking strawberries, feeding the ducks, and frozen slushies!

So read on, and enjoy!

51.) Nalgene water bottles. Why? Because they're awesome. Also, because they're good for the environment (no more pesky disposable water bottles!). Also, also, because if you buy one online, 10% of your purchase goes to help Japan after the horrible earthquake and tsunami they suffered back in March.

52.) Feeding the ducks. It's been a while since I have, but one of the best things in the world is feeding ducks stale bread. First, because stale bread is icky and ends up getting thrown out and wasted usually. Second, because ducks love stale bread and quack their thanks when you feed it to them!

53.) Picking strawberries. I got lost the other night in the depths of South Jersey only to stumble upon Johnson's Farm, a little local farm where you can "pick-your-own" fruit. Currently, strawberries are in season, and I saw a sign for their daily strawberry picking hayrides. Needless to say, I will be attending (and probably attempting to drag my boyfriend along with me) for some delicious, freshly picked strawberries!

54.) Catching lightning bugs in jars. The other night when I was leaving work, I saw my first lightning bug of the season. Granted, I probably should have seen one before the other night considering we've had summer weather for a few weeks now, but regardless, seeing it made me think back to how happy I was when I was a little kid catching lightning bugs in jars. And it also made me promise myself I would do that at some point in the near future!

55.) Icy cold drinks and frozen treats when it's really hot. I always feel instantly happier after being all sweaty and hot when I get to have a tall glass of ice cold water or a frozen slushy from a local water ice place. Nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than the delicious coldness after a day of 95 degree heat!

56.) Rolling down your windows and blasting your favorite song on a summer night. I love doing this. It makes me feel free and happy and in the mood for all the wonderful things summer has to offer. If I need to get into a good mood, I know this is one way to do it--and whether it's Ke$ha or Mumford and Sons (yes, I listen to Ke$ha) I know I can always count on feeling better after singing loudly along with my car radio.

57.) Eating outdoors. Summer BBQs are probably one of my favorite things in the world. There's nothing quite like a hamburger or hot dog with some good friends around in the balmy summer evenings. Plus, eating outdoors (whether in your backyard or on a restaurant patio) just feels right.

58.) The beach. The beach really needs no explanation. Here in Jersey, we call it "going down the shore," but whatever you call it, the beach is just fantastic. Sitting on the sand, playing in the waves, enjoying some iced tea, and throwing a frisbee around on the shore line is probably one of the happiest things about the summer time.

59.) Air conditioning. Everyone loves air conditioning when it's overwhelmingly hot outside and you can't seem to escape the humidity. Walking past a store front and feeling that blast of cold air, stepping into a house that has it going full force, or simply sitting in front of a window air conditioning after a long run all makes me feel better and much happier after a hot day of summer.

60.) Luaus. Summer seems to be the time to throw Hawaiian Luau parties. And you don't see me complaining, because they're a lot of fun! Amongst the Hawaiian leis, the island food, and the tiki torches you simply can't go wrong and have a frown.

Share some of the things that make you happy, no matter how silly, deep, relaxing or fun they may be! Your suggestions might just show up in next week's 100 Steps Toward Happiness!


  1. I adore this list. Especially 52,53, & 54.

  2. What about Nalgene flasks? Great for camping...

  3. these things are the best. Rolling own the windows in summer with the music blasting is probably the best part of summer! And of course the beach, luaus, and eating outside are all a must to happiness!

  4. I've never had a Nalgene flast, iris! I should look into it haha.

    And I agree with both of you, Joyful Sparrow and A Girl Who Dreams! I love summer things :-)


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