Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Bed Bug Nightmare

While traveling in Croatia for 5 days over Easter weekend, I had my first encounter with the dreaded Bed Bug.

Thankfully, I was not the victim.

Unfortunately, a friend of mine was earlier in the semester in Germany at a hostel she had checked into. Despite checking for the little insects and finding none, she woke up the morning after checking in to find little groups of red bumps that itched like crazy. Sure enough, she had been bitten.

Unfortunately again, while in Croatia she found another crawling across her comforter in the evening. What she was thankful about, was the fact that she had found it before having another nasty night of bites from the bugs. She switched rooms in the hostel and had no more problems, but was obviously (and rightfully so) a little more than skeeved out.

The lesson we can learn here is that, while traveling, you must be vigilant in your search for the little critters. While they are visible to the human eye, they're really good at hiding. And that means you have to look hard despite being able to see them without a magnifying glass.

Be sure when you travel that you check for them. It's so important, especially if you don't want them hitching a ride on your suitcase, clothing and other personal items once you move on from the infested place.

Check the corners of the mattress that you're sleeping on. Check the seams of the mattress. Lift the sheets and check under them. Then check under the mattress. Inspect your comforter and any other blankets on the bed. And be sure to be thorough and do this every time you sleep in a new bed, no matter how clean the hostel, hotel, rented apartment or friend's place seems to be.

Because, let's face it, it's better safe than sorry when it comes to bed bugs.

Have you ever run into these nasty little bugs? Where were you and what did you do?

(Thanks to Salvatore Vuono / for the photo.)


  1. Bed are really good at hiding! Make sure you take adequate precautions because the treatment requires 2-3 treatments and plenty of time and money, not to mention the psychological stress of thinking bed bugs are living with you and sucking your blood every night!

  2. They say that traveling/hosteling with a silk sleeping bag can help prevent the transportation of bed bugs. I think you just have to make sure you wash it before you pack it up.

  3. I've heard about using a silk sleeping bag, as well. It's a great idea for travelers to carry one!

  4. Oh msn, the dreaded bed bug. I haven't encountered them, but my friend has. (right at home! She bought a mattress that had bedbugs INSIDE. Shudder.)

  5. Wow! That's scary! It's crazy that you can even buy a brand new mattress with them. :-/

  6. I really hate bed bugs, they irritate me very much and they seem to be everywhere. Thanks for publishing this article because i needed it.los angeles bed bugs


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