Sunday, June 5, 2011

50 Member Mark!

I'd like to send a big ol' THANK YOU out to all of you!

Today is quite exciting for me. I've reached 50 followers!

Three years ago when I started this blog, it was for a small group of people to virtually follow me in my travels (and by small, I mean my mom--shout out!). But since then, it's grown, particularly in the last handful of months during my semester abroad.

I want to just say that I think you're all awesome, and I love reading the posts and blogs that you all write. Everyone inspires me in different ways, and I feel pretty lucky to have met you all (even if it's just online through blogging).

This blog has transformed a lot since it's start, and I hope it will continue to grow and transform as I do, too. Throughout all my travels, I'm sure I'll continue to learn more (just as my title says) and I'm excited to have you along for the journey.

So again, thanks to all of you, my first 50 followers!


  1. Congrats! It's so fun to see your followers go up. We write for ourselves, but it's nice to know someone is out there reading. :)

  2. Dear Hayley,

    wow, three years!! Im always amazed by people who can keep and maintain their blog :)

    glad I found yours btw! congrats! :)


  3. Happy to be counted among your readers! You bring something special to the blog world. Hugs!

  4. Thanks everyone!


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