Thursday, March 31, 2011

Treat Yourself

Some days life just calls to you to treat yourself, and for me, today was one of those days. After several days of being sick with a raspy, barely-there voice and nasty cough, I woke up this morning feeling better, if only slightly. So instead of spending yet another day lounging in bed and letting myself fester, I got myself up, showered and out of the apartment into a beautiful day in Rome.

Today has been 70 and sunny. Nothing short of perfect.

After getting myself ready and doing some laundry, I had to head up to school to print out my airline tickets for Budapest (did I mention I'm leaving for three days in Budapest tonight?!). I got to school, lounged in the courtyard with some friends, soaked up the sun, and got my tickets printed. After lingering a little longer in the courtyard, I headed over to a nearby coffee bar with one of my room mates. We ordered our iced coffees, and I ordered a delicious turkey, pesto and tomato sandwich. She headed back to class while I walked over to the bus stop to head back to my neighborhood to go grab some snacks for my trip from the supermarket.

I also decided to pick up a suppli along the way. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with suppli, they are, perhaps, one of the most delicious little snacks I've ever tasted. Essentially, they're balls of risotto wrapped around mozzarella cheese and deep friend with bread crumbs. Can you say, "YUM!" Because I sure can. And for only a euro, it's a nice treat.

Iced coffee: Check.
Sandwich: Check.
Suppli: Check.

Next up was gelato. And although I treat myself to gelato several times a week, today was perfect gelato weather. The most perfect gelato weather there has been since I've been in Rome. And so I wandered into Romagnani (click it to read about its gelato in one of my earlier posts). I got nutella and strawberry yogurt with whipped cream. It melted almost immediately, so I was dribbling gelato everywhere, but man, was it the perfect thing to top off my lunch, coffee and suppli.

Gelato: Check.

And now I've finished packing for Budapest and will be leaving for the airport in only two more hours.

The lesson learned is that, sometimes, you need to treat yourself. Especially if you've been sick or tired or stressed--treat yourself. Because it will make you feel better, and nothing can soothe the mind like a little snack that you really, really love (which for me, happens to be iced coffee, an Italian sandwich, suppli, and a gelato).

What is your favorite way to treat yourself? Have you been stressed, sick or tired lately and not treated yourself to something special? Will you do yourself a favor and treat yourself tonight?

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