Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Over at 1000 Awesome Things, Neil Pasricha made a really great post about how incredibly awesome planes are!

And it's true! Planes really are awesome.

Think about it: without planes people could not travel as efficiently, cheaply, or quickly as they currently can. They would have to take cars, or boats, or horses. It would take days, weeks or months to travel instead of hours and minutes.

The problem is that people really do take these amazing machines for granted. They complain about how the flight attendants are not attendant, or how it's too cold or too hot, or how the baby in the back won't stop crying, or how the talkative elderly woman sitting the seat over won't stop talking, or that the seats are uncomfortable.

People, come on! You're flying. And not only are you flying, but your flying in an aircraft that weighs more tons than you can probably comprehend. How is it that it's in the air? I sure as heck don't know how, but it manages to get in the air! It's, to put it extravagantly, a miracle!

Today, I'm stoked about airplanes. Tomorrow I fly to Budapest--a trip that would take me well over 15 hours by bus, 8 by train, or weeks and weeks and weeks if I walked.

So, here's to planes.

What is something you take for granted about planes? Do you have any fun stories from a flight you took, like how you met someone or learned something? What do you appreciate most about being able to fly to a destination of your choice?


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  2. Hi Nitheesh,

    I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, but I'm confused as to what you mean by my blog being "professional." I appreciate the compliment, but I'm just a student who enjoys blogging about my travels.

    Thanks anyway!


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